IMarEST - Has a new look!

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"We started out as the Institute of Marine Engineers in 1889.

In 1999, we took the exciting step of opening up membership to not only engineers but also to marine scientists and marine technologists.

These terms are quite broad, but what they really aim to encompass is anyone who uses marine knowledge professionally. We want marine professionals - whatever their discipline - to be working together. That’s the only real way we can tackle the challenges facing humanity over the next century.

With complex issues such as climate change and artificial intelligence to contend with, we need all our best minds connected with each other, no matter where they are in the world.

This is why the Institute exists. To ensure these minds can bring about our vision of a world where oceans and marine resources are sustainably managed in the face of rapid physical and technological changes.

We are delighted to announce that we have updated the Institute’s brand to reflect our purpose as the global home for all marine professionals, as well as mirroring our vision for the planet and its oceans. You will see that this new branding emphasises “marine” and uses rounded shapes, greens and blues to evoke our hope for a sustainable Earth.

We are acutely aware that we cannot realise this kind of world without training the next generation and inspiring them to join a marine profession. We rely completely on their skills in science, technology and engineering to develop the technologies and infrastructure needed for such a future.

The Institute’s brand needs to reflect the fresh new perspectives that we want to attract into our membership, and we were thrilled with the response we got from both the younger and older demographics on whom we tested this new look.

We hope you agree that it echoes our ambitions to create a positive future for the Institute, the oceans, and the planet".

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