MMO Community

The MMO Community is a key feature for our Full Members (ie those members who work as experienced MMO or PAM Operators). As a closed and private community it allows our MMOs to bring up topics of discussion related to their mitigation work.

Some examples of what is being discussed in the community include:

  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring problems and solutions
  • Rates and work conditions
  • Training requirements
  • Opinions on mitigation procedures set by regulatory authorities
  • Questions regarding unclear wording in mitigation procedures
  • Animal identification
  • Future Conferences

The value of these discussions is key to our Association's ability to feed back to regulators, PAM software developers and industry to help raise the standard of marine mammal observation, mitigation and protection. A unique feature of our feedback is first-hand experience and opinion from working MMOs and PAM Operators. This means that feedback gathered by the committee is based on the whole membership's opinion as a collective voice.

Please note that you have to be a Full Member to access the MMO Community as it is for experienced MMO and PAM Operators only. Associate Members do not have access.

If you are a Full Member and wish to access the MMO Community you need to log in where you will automatically land on the community home page.

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