Financing the Association

The following companies or organisations are currently corporate members, aligning with our missions and aims and adhering to our professional code of conduct. Please click on their logo to follow through to their website.
Atlas Professionals

Atlas Professionals is an international recruitment company specializing in Energy, Marine & Renewables industries. Operating globally, we strive to create a reliable, agile and sustainable business environment where our Professionals can secure the career they deserve and our Clients having means to access the best talents our industries have to offer.

With more than four decades of experience under our belt, Atlas Professionals is dedicated to ensuring that we are always at the frontier of everything related to personnel recruitment and business solutions in Energy, Marine & Renewables industries.


Edgewise Environmental is a certified women-owned, Canada-based marine environmental consultancy focused in marine mammals, seabirds and anthropogenic noise mitigation solutions. We provide a wide range of consulting and training services to the Blue Economy and even have an in-house research and development program.  We developed Canada’s first formal marine mammal observation, seabird observation and passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) programs, taught to Canadian regulation and legislation.

EMS Assist

EMS Assist is a UK based consultancy specialising in delivering environmental, medical and safety services for the offshore industry.

EMS Assist’s environmental service includes the deployment of specialist environmental personnel to offshore and remote projects to assist in the implementation of mitigation measures to protect the environment during operations. We have significant experience in delivering environmental risk management solutions to projects globally and have a broad understanding of the unique environmental challenges presented in the offshore setting.

Our company ethos centres around providing a quality service for our customers and also for our personnel working in the field who are the lifeblood of our business.


Geoquip Marine Group provides offshore geotechnical solutions worldwide to the renewable and energy industries, infrastructure developers, and government and research organisations. We safely obtain data from the seabed and sub-strata, interpret that data and provide engineering and scientific recommendations in reports to our clients.


NEA is an Abu Dhabi based environmental consultancy that combines local expertise and knowledge with high international standards and experience. Providing services to a wide range of industries, we offer a practical and realistic approach towards sustainable solutions.

Ocean Ecology

Ocean Ecology specialise in providing a range of marine ecological survey and consultancy services for projects in both the coastal and offshore zones to feed into the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process, monitoring programmes and applied research. Our consultancy team have specialist expertise in the design, implementation and reporting of marine mammal mitigation programmes to reduce the impacts of underwater noise on marine mammals.

Whale Seeker

Whale Seeker, Inc. is a for-profit corporation based in Québec, Canada. Founded in 2018, Whale Seeker ethically uses AI to deliver better, simpler, and faster marine mammal detection data from imagery. With a dedicated team of nine full-time employees and a certified B Corporation status, the company’s cutting-edge marine mammal detection tools empower all decision-makers in maritime industries to develop more sustainable practices—bridging the gap between profitability and sustainability.

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