International Womens Day - Interview with Daniella Bordon


Happy International Women's Day! Here at the MMOA, we understand that many marine professionals working offshore in our sector are women, more so than in other offshore sectors. We spoke to Daniella Bordon, who started as a marine mammal observer (MMO) and is now Global ESG Manager for BGP Offshore CNPC, about her experiences offshore, the challenges she has faced and what International Women's Day means to her.

"I am Daniella Bordon, the Global Environmental and Sustainability Manager at BGP Offshore, a leading Geoscience Company headquartered in Tianjin, China. While I hail from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro serves as my home base; however, the projects that I work on can take me all over the world.

I encountered persistent challenges in the early stages of my career as a young Brazilian woman. I faced scepticism and harassment, making remarks about my age and insinuations regarding my appearance. Questions such as, "What is she doing offshore?" and inappropriate propositions added to these obstacles. In response, I embraced resilience, recognising that I needed to be doubly resilient to thrive. I devoted myself to extensive study, often exceeding the efforts of many male counterparts in my industry. I learned to advocate twice as intensely to ensure my voice was heard.

Despite the adversities, I came to appreciate the importance of aligning with exceptional individuals within my organisation and forming alliances with counterparts in other companies. Establishing partnerships with professionals became part of an important support system that empowered us to advance in our careers collectively.

While navigating the challenges of the work environment, my greatest struggle as a marine scientist and manager has been balancing multiple roles. Managing the responsibilities of a globally reaching executive, leader, mother, partner, and homekeeper has proven to be an ongoing challenge. The belief that we can excel in all these roles concurrently remains a hurdle I strive to overcome continuously and one that many women face.

One of the most emotionally taxing experiences in this journey has been grappling with the strain of leaving my children at home during work-related travels. Witnessing them fall ill and asking for me to stay has left a profound impact. It is a challenge deeply etched into my memory, serving as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices and complexities associated with pursuing a career in a demanding field as a woman.

International Women's Day symbolises recognition of women's achievements and a push for gender equality and opportunity. Speaking out against discrimination is vital to create a fairer society. I'm grateful for the opportunities and support from allies in the industry and within my company who believed in me. Together, we can advocate for positive change and inclusivity."

We would like to thank Daniella for sharing her story with us. If you wish to share your story, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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